Falls On Dangerous Property

Anyone who believes that a serious fall on dangerous property cannot be a life-changing, potentially devastating event has never taken such a fall. The same is true in regard to a range of other serious accidents caused by property owners' negligence, such as those caused by collapsing displays in big-box stores.

The lawyers at Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC, in Albuquerque understand New Mexico premises liability laws. While we never pursue frivolous slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall cases, our strength in pursuing serious, valid lawsuits under these laws is well-documented. If you or a family member is suffering after an injury on another's property that you believe should not have happened, we can help you if that injury was caused by a property owner's failure to maintain safe conditions. Call us to discuss this.

Extensive Premises Liability Case Experience · Major Financial Recoveries For Our Valued Clients

Throughout New Mexico, business owners and other property owners can be held accountable for unsafe property conditions that cause serious personal injury. Such cases can be challenging, however. Waiting too long to seek qualified counsel can make it impossible to recover the compensation you deserve. Our strengths include the agility and resources to conduct a prompt, thorough investigation after, for example:

  • A fall caused by poor safety conditions in a parking lot, such as holes or poor lighting
  • A slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident caused by a wet floor or other serious obstacle in a retail store, restaurant or other commercial establishment
  • An injury such as head injury, crush injuries, bone fractures or other harm caused by falling merchandise or an improperly constructed display in a store
  • A fall by a patient in a hospital, rehabilitation facility or nursing home, either due to being dropped or inadequately supervised by staff, when that patient is known to be at risk

Prompt Preservation Of Evidence Matters. Call Our Law Firm Right Away.

Our collaborative lawyers and caring, professional staff will take your potential case seriously. We will act promptly to recover critical evidence of a dangerous condition and, if we see validity in your case, start building it for a possible trial from day one. To request a consultation and case evaluation, at no cost and no risk to you, please call 505-633-8949 or send us an email inquiry now.

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