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Pharmaceutical Errors Can Cause Serious Or Permanent Harm

Prescription drugs are instrumental in treating a vast array of illnesses, injuries and their symptoms. In fact, medication is the primary course of treatment for many physical and psychiatric conditions. The side effects and other dangers of powerful and chemically complex drugs make it more critical than ever for pharmacies to be diligent in processing and filling prescriptions correctly.

Sadly, serious errors at the pharmacy level and in hospitals are more common than any of us would like to believe. If you or a family member has suffered severe, life-altering harm or death due to a pharmacy error, such as a wrong dose, wrong drug or adverse interaction, call Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC, in Albuquerque and talk to one of our attorneys.

Fighting For Victims And Exposing Negligence Of Pharmacies

You may have the right to recover significant financial compensation to deal with your injuries, inability to work, loss of a loved one or other damages. Pursuing your case may also expose negligence by a pharmacist, technician or another professional who is putting many others in the community at substantial risk. Serious prescription medication mistakes that may be actionable include:

  • Prescribing the wrong dose of a drug, causing overdose
  • Dispensing the wrong drug altogether, exposing a patient to that drug’s side effects as well as delaying treatment for his or her actual condition
  • Mislabeling a prescription drug bottle, which can result in an overdose or drug interaction
  • Filling multiple prescriptions for a patient without warning of dangerous drug interactions that can cause harm or death

Just as in medical malpractice cases, the consequences of pharmacy errors vary widely – from serious illness or injury to dramatic worsening of an existing condition or even a tragic wrongful death. Across the United States, many cases have been brought against large pharmacy chain corporations, raising awareness of this serious problem.

Turn To Us For Caring, Respectful Treatment And Clear Legal Guidance

Our dedicated lawyers at Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC, have been taking decisive legal action against negligent companies for decades. We will take your severe injury or fatality case seriously and investigate thoroughly, with a commitment to taking it all the way through trial if necessary. To request a no-risk consultation with a caring, knowledgeable attorney at our firm, please call 505-633-8949 or reach out to us via email now.