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Face The Aftermath Of Product Defects With Dedicated Counsel

Many serious injuries occur because a product was inherently unsafe or a piece of equipment was not constructed properly. It can be difficult for the individual or surviving family members to know where to turn in these situations. Some law firms that handle straightforward personal injury claims steer clear of complicated lawsuits against product manufacturers and property owners.

However, at Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC, you can discuss the details of your product-related accident. Our Albuquerque attorneys and staff have great compassion for people who are suffering through no fault of their own. We are prepared to evaluate your potential case and to determine the best course of action based on the evidence available and the seriousness of the damage.

Are You Suffering Or Grieving Because Of A Manufacturer’s Negligence?

We do not flinch at the prospect of suing a manufacturer that has put people at risk by marketing a dangerous product that was insufficiently tested or sold without proper warnings. We have experience in this area of law, and our relevant strengths include:

  • A commitment to the rigorous, detail-focused investigation required to determine the causes of a serious personal injury and whether products liability laws were violated
  • Proven ability to determine who may be held liable for injury caused by a product – for example, sometimes a manufacturer may be at fault, whereas a premises owner may be at fault instead under different laws
  • Experience as effective litigators in New Mexico’s courts

The range of potentially valid defective products cases is vast. Our legal team is prepared to evaluate accidents caused by hot tub and pool filters, other products that cause injuries to children and many other traumatic scenarios. We have excellent research skills and access to a network of qualified experts that may prove pivotal in your case.

Rely On A Respected Team Of Attorneys

Exposing the dangers of a product may be important not only for your own recovery and future but also to protect others from harm. To request a consultation and to tell your story to an experienced lawyer you can trust, call 505-633-8949 or contact our law firm online. You will pay no attorney fees unless you receive financial compensation.