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Support For Families Who Need It Most

We know it can be terribly hard just to call an attorney after you lose a loved one. Our firm of highly experienced lawyers, paralegals and staff understand this. We work together to help people feel comfortable when you call us. If your heart and gut tell you that a loved one’s death should not have happened, you are right to call Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC and seek advice. There is no cost to do so.

Because New Mexico’s notice and filing deadlines can be quite short, you should call as soon as you can. If the death was caused by neglect or by a company’s decision to put profits over people, we care about helping you hold the wrongdoer accountable and will help you if our caseload and schedule permit. We usually do this by initial free telephone consultation, and then if warranted, a follow-up free meeting in our office to discuss the potential claim.

We’ll Fight Every Step Of The Way

If we agree to help you with a wrongful death claim, we will work with you and your loved ones to learn about the person you lost so we can understand how that person was so dear to you. We will listen to you, look at your loved one’s photos, and hope to be invited into your family to learn how the loss has impacted everyone. If we can feel your loss with you, we can explain it to the wrongdoer’s attorneys, their insurance company, their corporate executives, and if necessary, to a jury or judge at trial.

We feel this is critical in order to properly handle your wrongful death claim in court. We will also help you through the legal process so you can feel if not brave, at least justified in taking action on behalf of your loved one. If we accept your claim, you will be in the minority; our firm rejects most potential claims after the initial review. Because these claims demand a lot of time, we choose to accept only those that we believe have a good chance of succeeding for you in court on their factual merits.

We Know What You’re Going Through

When you have lost a loved one in New Mexico due to medical negligence or other actions by a wrongdoer, the New Mexico Wrongful Death Act governs how to file and pursue a claim. Whether the death was caused by a health care institution such as a hospital, a reckless or careless driver, a seller of an unsafe product, or a business owner with an unsafe property such as an unlit parking lot or unsupervised swimming pool at a youth center, our attorneys have years of experience litigating death claims from initial evaluation through settlement or trial.

Our firm also has the extensive medical and legal experience that is needed to properly evaluate the facts of your claim and to prove the cause of your loved one’s death, as courts and insurance companies require. When the law and facts are complex, you need experienced and dedicated lawyers. Give us a call today at 505-633-8949 or send us an email to get started on your case.

Sample Special Verdict Form for Wrongful Death Case.