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We understand that when you or a loved one suffers any serious accident or medical mistake, life can be overwhelming. Healing takes time, and it can be hard to get quality treatment and rehabilitation for major injuries. If you have lost a beloved family member, moving forward in life may seem all but impossible right now. At Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC, we understand and want to help.

Counsel You Can Trust After A Serious Accident Or Medical Error

You may have the legal right to seek substantial monetary compensation for a serious personal injury or your loved one's wrongful death. You may also want answers, a measure of justice, and accountability on the part of the corporation or individual responsible for the traumatic event that simply should not have happened. Our compassionate, determined lawyers will respect and value these goals.

Genuine Empathy, Personal Support And Rigorous Case Preparation

Our Albuquerque law firm focuses exclusively on advocacy for those who are injured or grieving through no fault of their own. Attorneys Lori Bencoe and Cherie LaCour have more than 35 years of combined experience helping clients prosecute cases against wrongdoers. We work collaboratively with highly qualified experts and a highly committed staff. When our clients are harmed by conduct that should not have happened we pursue cases we believe in passionately and take these cases the distance whether, that means settlement or litigation through trial.

Dynamic Trial Lawyers With Passion And Integrity

If the facts are on your side after an act of medical malpractice, a motor vehicle crash or another injury-causing accident, we will bring those facts forward. Our rigor in investigation and research, together with proven negotiating and trial skills, has produced hundreds of meaningful financial recoveries and restored hope and dignity for many children and families.

We also work to change policies and discouraging reckless behavior to create safer communities. No insurance company or other corporation is too powerful or wealthy for us to confront in the courtroom.

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We welcome client inquiries and referrals from throughout New Mexico. Call us if you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury that should not have happened.

Because of the levels of personal attention and effort we devote to the clients we choose to help, we must be selective in the medical negligence and injury claims we pursue. To request a free consultation and tell your story to a caring and highly experienced attorney at our firm, call or email us today.

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