Physician Negligence

Seeking Justice For Victims And Their Families
At Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC, Compassion Meets Advocacy

Healthcare professionals hold our trust and our futures in their skilled hands. We believe in their expertise, their commitment to do no harm, and their ability to heal. However, when that trust is broken and the unthinkable occurs, the aftermath can be devastating, not just for the patients but also for their families. It is in these moments of vulnerability and injustice that Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC steps in to be the voice for the victims.

Our New Mexico-based team of attorneys is dedicated to seeking justice for those wronged by medical professionals’ errors. With a meticulous approach to each case, we provide an honest and thorough assessment, guiding our clients through their legal options with care and respect.

Advocating For Safety, Accountability, And Change

Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC champions the pursuit of valid, substantial medical malpractice claims — a critical step for enforcing community safety standards. Our investigations often uncover not only individual errors but also systemic issues within healthcare facilities that compromise patient safety.

Our commitment to your case means partnering with reputable healthcare experts who will corroborate the facts of your claim. It is this level of preparation and expertise that is essential for success, especially in a field as complex as medical malpractice law.

Examples of Potentially Actionable Malpractice:
  • Mismanagement in emergency rooms, resulting in catastrophic delays or misdiagnoses
  • Hospital errors leading to falls, infections, or wrongful deaths
  • Failure to diagnose life-threatening conditions in a timely manner
  • Surgical errors, including wrong-site surgery or anesthesia complications
  • Prescription and medication errors causing irreversible harm
  • Dental and orthodontic negligence leading to permanent damage
Holding Negligent Medical Professionals Accountable

The journey to justice is fraught with challenges, especially given the high burden of proof in medical malpractice cases. It is not enough to show that the standard of care was not met; we must also prove that this failure directly resulted in a significantly different and negative outcome.

Despite the vigorous defense often put up by healthcare entities and their insurers, Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC is equipped with the experience and determination to present a compelling case on your behalf.

Turn To Attorneys With Extensive, Successful Malpractice Trial Experience

We approach medical malpractice and hospital negligence cases with a selective process that ensures we dedicate our full resources and attention to cases we represent. With Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC, you are assured that no attorney fees will be charged unless we successfully obtain the compensation you deserve.

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